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Christina LaRocca is an acclaimed singer, songwriter, DJ, and performer known for her soulful voice, and captivating stage presence. Born on December 2nd, 1984, in Brooklyn, NY Christina discovered her passion for music at a young age and has since become a prominent figure in the independent music scene.


Growing up in a musically inclined family, Christina was exposed to a diverse range of genres and artists. Her mother, a professional singer, fostered an environment that nurtured her creativity and encouraged her to explore her musical talents. Inspired by the likes of Lauryn Hill, Fiona Apple, Alanis Morrisette, and Alicia Keys, Christina found solace in music, using it as a means of self-expression and catharsis.


Her household wasn’t always pleasant while growing up, and her teenage years were quite volatile. Dabbling with drugs and alcohol at a young age, she was always finding herself in trouble, whether it was being suspended from school or even spending a night in jail. Christina found herself turning to music as a way out, and eventually she knew she had to make a decision - it was either a life of music - or down a dark road she knew she didn’t want to go down. Music became her drug and she couldn’t get enough. If it wasn’t for her talents, she really isn’t sure where or what she would be today.


In her formative years, Christina honed her skills as a vocalist and songwriter, drawing inspiration from her personal experiences, relationships, and the world around her. She began performing in various venues across New York City, captivating audiences with her raw and soulful voice. Her performances were often marked by an emotional intensity that resonated deeply with listeners. At the time, she also created her company L Rock Entertainment where she spent many years booking bands and giving opportunity to musicians other than herself, something you usually don’t normally see on such a cut throat scene. But she did it, and booked over 2,000 bands between the years 2006-2014.


In 2014, she decided to chase the sun and moved to Los Angeles.


In 2021, Christina LaRocca expanded her artistic repertoire by venturing into the world of DJing under the stage name LRocktheParty. Embracing her passion for electronic music and a desire to explore new sonic landscapes, she seamlessly transitioned into the realm of DJ performances. With her innate musicality and intuitive understanding of rhythms, Christina quickly garnered attention for her DJ sets, infusing them with her signature soulful energy.


Adding to her already diverse musical journey, Christina has exciting news for her fans. She has been diligently working on new music, and her eagerly awaited release of the single “Money All Day” is reuniting her with producer J. Glaze for the first time in over a decade, and is scheduled for Friday June 9, 2023. Her upcoming single promises to showcase her artistic growth and evolution, pushing boundaries and captivating listeners with her distinct blend of genres and heartfelt songwriting. Fans and music enthusiasts can look forward to experiencing a fresh chapter in Christina LaRocca's musical odyssey.


Continuing to defy expectations and explore new artistic avenues, Christina LaRocca's foray into DJing and her upcoming music release in June mark yet another milestone in her remarkable career. With her boundless creativity and unwavering commitment to her craft, Christina continues to captivate audiences, leaving them eagerly anticipating her next musical endeavor.


In 2011, Christina released her debut solo album, "I Stand Tall With My Eyes Wide Open," which showcased her unique blend of electronic music, rock, and R&B influences with J. Glaze Productions. The album received critical acclaim and solidified her position as a rising star in the independent music scene. Her poignant lyrics and powerful vocals struck a chord with listeners, earning her a dedicated international fan base.


Over the years, Christina has continued to release music that reflects her artistic growth and personal journey. Her subsequent albums, including Child of the Sun EP (2017) and These Are My Whiskey Dreams… (2019), produced by Andros Rodriguez (Shakira), Alex Arias, and others, further cemented her reputation as a gifted singer-songwriter. She explored a broader musical palette, incorporating elements of Americana, pop rock, and even reggae into her sound.


In addition to her solo work, Christina has collaborated with various artists, expanding her artistic horizons. She has shared the stage and collaborated with renowned musicians such as Rachel Platten, Bailen, Misty Boyce (BORNS, Sara Barallies), Billie Joe of Green Day, Avi Buffalo, VV Brown, AC Slater among others. Her dynamic performances and magnetic stage presence have made her a sought-after performer, captivating audiences at music festivals, intimate venues, and renowned clubs worldwide, performing hundreds of shows a year.


Beyond her musical endeavors, Christina is also known for her philanthropic work. She has been actively involved in various charitable initiatives, supporting causes such as Women’s Rights, the rights of the LGBTQ+ and POC communities, mental health awareness, and youth empowerment. She considers herself a humanist and wants equality and the same opportunities to spread throughout the world with all peoples.


In addition to her accomplishments as a singer-songwriter and DJ, Christina LaRocca has made notable contributions to the world of audiobooks. Her mesmerizing voice and musical talents have graced the pages of literary works, adding a unique dimension to the storytelling experience.


In 2018, Christina collaborated with author Chelsea Clinton on the audiobook adaptation of "She Persisted Around the World" and Grammy-winning Director Scott Sherratt. She narrated the inspiring stories of women who triumphed over obstacles and composed original music for the audiobook, elevating the narratives with emotive and immersive compositions. In 2021, Christina's talent captured the attention of acclaimed author Nicholas Sparks and Grammy-winning Director Dan Zitt of Penguin Random House. She lent her enchanting voice and musical prowess to the narration and original music composition for the audiobook "Dreamland," enhancing the poignant story and creating a richer listening experience for fans of Nicholas Sparks' novels.


By collaborating on these audiobooks, Christina LaRocca showcased her versatility as an artist, seamlessly blending her musical talents with the power of storytelling. Her ability to bring narratives to life through her voice and original compositions speaks to her artistic range and her commitment to creating immersive and memorable experiences for audiences across various mediums.


With her undeniable talent and unwavering dedication to her craft, Christina LaRocca continues to captivate audiences with her soul-stirring music. Her ability to weave together poignant lyrics and mesmerizing melodies sets her apart as a true musical force. As she continues to evolve as an artist, Christina's impact on the music industry is sure to endure, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who encounter her art.

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